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Get to know our founder

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24-year-old founder and CEO of non-profit organization: Fearless Movement, a 30 under 30 award recipient, Lifestyle and media consultant, experienced public speaker, event planner and current representative of the Miss America Organization. Ashley continues to empower schools, hospitals, community groups, churches and organizations all over the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware area to rise above their fears as seen on PHL 17, Fox 29 News, CBS Philly and various radio stations. Within 2020 alone, through her efforts, she led a team that served 2,026 individuals through Fearless Movement's free services and reached 100,000 nationwide.

Ashley has overcome challenges and adversity since the age of 13 when she was first diagnosed with Epilepsy. During her teenage years, she battled with uncontrolled seizures and an all-consuming fear for being different and potentially becoming a victim to S.U.D.E.P (Sudden, unexpected death in epilepsy). 

When she was hospitalized for Depression at the age of 16, that was when she realized the power behind 2 Timothy 1:7 - That she was not given a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. While reaching out for support and resources, Ashley learned healthy coping mechanisms and how to rise above her everyday fears. After much personal and professional development work, she knew her story wasn't meant to be kept silent, but to ignite change for generations and generations to come.

In 2014, Fearless Movement began to empower those of all ages to rise above fear, while furthering Epilepsy and Mental Health research and therapies. 

Today, Ashley has used her past to drive her future as a Senior Psychology student at Rowan College of South Jersey/Rowan University. As she worked to become debt-free and rise above her own personal fears when it comes to finances, she looks forward to becoming an Art Therapist for Fearless Movements Art Empowerment Program. After reaching over 10,000 individuals each year, it is Ashley's goal to provide free Art Therapy sessions for disadvantaged youth battling with mental and chronic illnesses, disabilities, domestic abuse, neglect and overall fear. 

In Ashley's free time, she enjoys nights in with her loved ones binging Netflix, playing the piano, creating art, spending time with her nephew, and finding new restaurants with authentic Mexican Cuisine!

To book Ashley as a Keynote Speaker or Panelist for your next event, contact us today.

All proceeds will benefit Fearless Movements Programs.

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