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Fearless Movement is a 501 (c)(3) Mental Health and Epilepsy advocacy non-profit organization. Our focus is on bettering the mental health and wellness within our nation through combating fear, and aiding solutions for those who lack the proper resources needed to live a fulfilling life.

Our primary mission is to equip and empower those of all ages and backgrounds to rise above fear, despite their circumstances. We provide free programs, scholarships, treatment, therapy, and support services for those battling mental health conditions, epilepsy and overall fearful hardships as they arise within our community.


Through our free programs, Fearless Movement serves schools, hospitals, and community groups within 18 counties throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Fear is a common emotion, a universal battle we all have. Who do we serve? We serve all in need of overcoming adversity - especially if that person is you.

Our COVID-19 response provides free access to the arts impacting those of all ages and reaching people nationwide. The vision of creating a space where everyone feels welcomed, heard and supported has come to life! Many of our community members have overcome fears associated with hardships such as mental and chronic illnesses, disabilities, financial barriers, neglect, and more, thanks to your support and belief in our organization.
Fearless Movements' three leadership and arts premier programs that serve the Tri-State area are the Share Your Story Campaign, Anti-Bullying Campaign, and Art Empowerment Program. To learn more about our programs, click here.
With advocacy and education, the proper treatment and resources, it is our goal to provide tangible tools on how to go from living a life full of fear, to a life of victory.

Overview of our support services 

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