Fearless Team

SOCIAL MEDIA AND Development Intern

Keri Straub

Keri has previously worked in social media by running a local political figures campaign and found a love for reaching and impacting her community online. 


Along with her experience in social media, she has volunteered at multiple organizations in development through fundraising, gaining support and providing resources for low-income families.

Many do not know that Kerri has struggled with mental health, yet chose to rise above her internal battles by seeking help. Through this internship, she hopes to ignite change by sharing her story with those who struggle with similar battles through Fearless Movement events and media.

When Kerri was asked why she wanted an internship with Fearless Movement her response was,


"Fearless Movement has touched on many of the issues I have personally struggled with and I want to continuously affect more lives through the programs and resources Fearless Movement provides, especially the Share Your Story Campaign.


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