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Fearless Women Leaders

Photography by our Community Partner: Suzi Ryan Photography 

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Keynote Speakers 

Ashley Kulikowski

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Ashley is the Founder and CEO of Fearless Movement and Vision Keeper/Spearhead of Fearless Women! Ashley has been a motivational and public speaker for the past five years. Along with speaking, she has experience working at local non-profit and child-care organizations, with positions in leadership and development.


Currently she is a senior at Rowan University, studying Psychology and Art. She was recently crowned Miss South Shore for the Miss America Organization, promoting Fearless Movement on a state-wide and hopeful, national level. She loves to play the piano, nights at home watching the bachelor with her puppy Royal, thoroughly enjoys Mexican cuisine and has the worst dance moves you'll ever see. Yet, she chooses to dance in public anyway.

As Ashley went full-time with Fearless Movement over the past year, her biggest fear was failure. Through this conference, she looks forward to share in complete transparency about her battles and how God can use our failures to pave the way for growth, success and become the person God has called us to be - regardless of the battles we face.

Friday Night: Real Convo's on the Couch with Gina Kulikowski | Authentic Community and Vulnerability 

Saturday: Morning Keynote | Embracing Chaos - Learning how to find growth and strength in the midst of adversity


Gina Kulikowski

Gina is the Campus Pastor at Gloucester County Community Church and served in ministries for 25+ years. She is the Founder and Director of Word on the Street Ministries, a non-profit organization for 10+ years along with being a keynote speaker at many other events. Gina is a daughter of the King, wife, mother to four daughters, and loves being "THE Mom-mom" to her grand baby, Christopher! Something funny that many people do not know is that, Gina dated one of the Beach Boys in her twenty's and can juggle - Maybe she'll show you at Fearless Women!

The fear that Gina's overcoming, is letting insecurities hinder the view of God's purpose for her life. Although in the midst of insecurities, she has learned that God does not call the equipped, He equips the called! 

Friday Night: Real Convo's on the Couch with Ashley Kulikowski | Authentic Community and Vulnerability 

Saturday: Afternoon Keynote | Woman, Use Your Weapons! Taking Our Power Back



Tammy Koller 

Friday and Saturday: Leading Powerful Worship | Embracing Peace and Breakthrough. 

Tammy has lead worship for the past 15 years and was ordained in 2017! Tammy began international ministry in 2012, traveling the world and continues today with World Camp for Jesus. She has hosted home and house groups with the youth and young adults within her community. Along with these ministries, God has used her in prophetic intercession, healing and deliverance. Tammy is a wife, mother to three, and LOVES to clean. Now we know who to call when we don't want to! 

Tammy has battled with the fear of success and what that would look like for her future - the unknown. Although, she battled this fear, she has chosen to rise above it by giving every situation all she has and to let God handle the rest!

Tammy is most excited to see women of all ages come together during Worship at Fearless Women and experience freedom, true love and be overwhelmed through the power of Jesus. She believes all should come to learn how to overcome your biggest battles!

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Grace Koller

Friday and Saturday: Leading Powerful Worship | Embracing Peace and Breakthrough. 

Grace is a full-time student, junior at Rowan University studying Dance while working for Cali Shakes and running her organization within our public school districts, Project Purpose. She has traveled to Israel, France and Canada leading Worship and hosting revivals!


Grace is overcoming the fear of the future which she believes is a silly fear, but a serious one! She has replaced that fear, with the truth of God already taking such good care of her and He won't stop now.  

She believes you should come to Fearless Women to see first hand, chains be broken and lives forever changed. "God is calling His daughters to rise up and live out their God given purposes!



Ny'Asia Brackett

Saturday: Morning Digging Deeper Session | Fear of Not Being Enough - YOU Belong!

Ny'Asia is a senior at Rowan University, studying Political

Science and has worked with two presidential candidates. She has also worked with child-care based non-profit organizations in lower-income communities, providing support, resources and education for all.

Ny'Asia has overcome adversity in her personal and professional life, but does not allow those battles to prevent her from overcoming her fears and pursuing God's call for her future. She believes that the only one who knows your future, is the one who wrote it. A fear that Ny'Asia has overcome is being under qualified and that she does not belong in the work place. 

She looks forward to empowering you through her digging deeper session by sharing personal stories and the tools she used to overcome the fear of not being enough or belonging.


John kulikowski

Saturday: Afternoon Digging Deeper Session |

What's Your Worth? The Desire for Approval

John is currently the Family Life Pastor at Gloucester County Community Church and teaches piano lessons for enjoyment through "Keys to Success", a part time inspiration from his wife, Gina. He has 35+ years in the Business and Non-Profit world, responsible for Learning and Development of organizations, leaders, and employees.


John is a child of God, husband, father of four daughters, and loves being "Papa" to his grandson, Christopher. A fun fact you may not know... John is one of eight children, and the only musician out of a family of athletes!

He is excited to speak at Fearless Women because it will be a new experience to speak to an audience of all women - a huge magnification of what occurs at home! John felt called to join as one of our speakers because he loves leading people to discover and make breakthroughs in their lives and relationships with others and God. John has battled with the fear of the unknown and is reminded, that even when we don't see or feel God working, he's working on our behalf! 

John believes YOU should join us at Fearless Women so you can begin to overcome everything that keeps you from becoming who God has created you to be!

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