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a 501 (c)(3) epilepsy and mental health advocacy non-profit organization.


Our primary mission is to empower those of all ages and backgrounds to rise above fear, despite their circumstances. 

Who Do you serve?

Through our programs, services, scholarships and research efforts we serve the 110,000 individuals within our region battling epilepsy, and all who battle fear nationwide.

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CEO of Fearless Movement

"When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and consumed with fear. My fears held me back from living a normal teenage life and taking advantage of opportunities presented to me.


When I hit rock bottom after battling depression and anxiety, I realized I wasn't meant to live life this way.

I was made for more.


God shared with me 2 Timothy 1:7,

"For God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind."


That was when I realized my story wasn't meant to keep silent - but to share in hopes of my transparency, help individuals on their way to victory, provide tangible tools to overcome our everyday fears and adversity, and to use my story of fear and triumph, as a catalyst for change.

In 2014, I founded my non-profit organization: Fearless Movement. In 2016, it became an official

501 (c) (3) non- profit that provides resources, education, programs, furthers epilepsy research and therapies for those in the epilepsy and fearful communities."  To make a donation, or book one of our programs, contact us below!


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  • Download the Fearless Movement App!

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