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The impact of your gift

Leadership, Self-esteem, & Character Workshops
Share Your Story Campaign - Mental Health Advocacy

“This was just what my students needed! After online learning with their teachers and diligently attending my youth development course, our participants needed a change. Something to keep them going at a time when cyber-bullying and mental health crisis are at an all-time high. Thank you Ashley for showing my youth the light at the end of the tunnel. To bring hope, acknowledge the  hard times and pain, and show them how to overcome and better their quality of life. It was the spark they needed.

I was happy they felt comfortable enough to share their own stories, and open up about what they were going

through mentally.”

- Lori Thesauro (Program Coordinator, NJ Personal Responsibility Education Program

(NJPREP) in Camden, NJ 

“Kian received his first Art Empowerment package from Fearless Movement in 2018 when he was eleven. Ashley had heard that he was struggling with seizures and that it was his birthday. He loved it! First of all, he enjoyed going through all of the surprises. Kian loved getting the package and he felt so special. He also loved getting to choose a different project to focus on each day. He was able to take an hour a day to destress and not think about the seizures that had been constant during that time. He was able to be creative and even gave some of his projects as Christmas gifts. He has received many throughout the years to help in times of need. The art empowerment packs do just that - They empower the one receiving the gift and give them the opportunity to take a step away from the chaos of their life to discover healing in their creative outlet.”  


- Maureen Prohowhich, Mother of Kian. 

Art Empowerment Program -
Free Access to the Arts
Epilepsy and Mental Health
Benevolence Fund 

With your support, we have provided medication for FREE for students in Liberia battling severe epilepsy and an emotional support dog for a local epilepsy warrior.

We also offer free mental health treatment plans for individuals in need. Through our benevolence fund, we have the opportunity to break down financial barriers when it comes to receiving proper care and treatment for our community's mental, and physical health! 

To read about your impact through our internship and education program, please click here. 

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Interested in Becoming a Community or Corporate Partner?

While we can't share every story of impact, we can thank you for investing in the mental health and wellness of our community through your generosity! Because of you, the impact below is possible.

To become a Community or Corporate Partner, please visit our "Get Involved" page today or email:

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