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Get involved! 


If you would like to give back to your local epilepsy and fearful communities, hosting a fundraiser is the best way to promote our mission and create more awareness! 

Contact us for any assistance or questions regarding the fundraiser ideas below:
  • Painting for a CURE: Step-by-step paint and sip night at your local art studio such as the Lil Art House, in Pitman NJ. Or host one in your home (email us for details)

  • Cookies for a CURE: Host a bake sale at your local church, school, work place. 

  • Facilitate a dress down day at your workplace or local schools and charge $5-$10 for the faculty to dress down (wear jeans, purple to represent Epilepsy awareness!)

  • Wine tasting: Invite your friends over to taste wines and pay a small admission fee to benefit F.M

  • Yardsale: Collect donations from friends and family, sell your own items you've been wanting to get rid of and advertise your yardsale on,,! 

  • Car wash at your local church, school or home! 

  • Prom Fashion Show

  • Donate your Birthday to F.M on facebook! 

  • Murder Mystery Party: Invite your friends over for a fun night to find out who the murderer is, and charge a small admission fee! 

  • Volley for the Cure: Volley Ball tournament at your local high school, church group, town, etc. 


Submit your application to host a Third Party Fundraiser. 

Once we receive your application, we will send you a fundraising tool kit! Our tool kit includes the most popular fundraisers, ideas, terms and conditions, etc. 

Thanks for submitting!


Join Fearless Movement by volunteering to help fulfill our mission of furthering epilepsy research and empowering those to rise above their fears, regardless of their circumstances.

There are many ways to volunteer:


Volunteers can represent Fearless Movement at festivals, community events and health fairs. This form of volunteerism does require Fearless Movement training.


Fearless Movement has many events each year that we need volunteers for such as our annual Volley for the Cure, Scholarship dinner reception/silent auction, Fearless Gala, Conferences, Festivals and more.


Fearless Movement occasionally needs volunteers at our Sewell office to help with bulk mailings, data entry, follow-up phone calls, pick up in-kind donations, and other projects.

Become a Fearless Movement ambassador

Becoming a Fearless Movement ambassador gives one the opportunity to:

  • Host support groups

  • Bring programs to local schools, hospitals, community groups, churches or organizations in an area that Fearless Movement does not reach. 

  • Be trained in Seizure First aid to train your educators/co-workers on the proper precautions to take if one were to have a seizure. 

  • Host Fearless Movement annual fundraisers in your area.


In order to become an official Fearless Movement ambassador, you have to be trained by our Fearless Team. This training can be done remotely.

Apply to Volunteer with Fearless Movement! 

Thanks for submitting!

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