Fearless Movement's paid internships focuses on empowering college students to overcome fear by furthering their scholastic career and future with hands-on training. We provide one-on-one mentorships in the fields of Social Media, PR and Marketing, Non-profit Fundraising, Organizational Development, Graphic and Video Design. 

We also partner with local colleges such as Rowan College of South Jersey, for the sole purpose of our students receiving college credits in return for their hard work, dedication and growth personally and professionally. Fearless Movement's Internship Program equips our students to gain real-life work experience, skills and build their resume, all while igniting change that lasts within their local community. While helping Fearless Movement make a larger impact and fulfill our mission, our students leave their internship with a new found confidence and skill set to achieve their wildest dreams despite the fear or hardships they may face.

Thank you to our community, the Wawa Foundation and the State of New Jersey for your continued support of our Education Program.

If you have any questions or are interested in the positions listed above, please send your resume to

Previous Internship Testimonials

Read about their growth and where they are now! 
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Internship Program

Graphic Design Intern

"My experience interning with Fearless Movement aided in recently receiving a student position at Rowan College of South Jersey, aiding their marketing department with design work. The internship has helped me further understand the process of time-management, adaptability, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and prioritizing. I learned designing for this organization is mainly on how branding works with real-time experience, how to transition between print and video design, and how virtual-type work functions are interacting with people. I enjoyed storytelling of active change through Fearless Movement."


Internship Program

PR & Social Media Intern

"Through my internship, I have gained substantial knowledge learning new software and platforms while enjoying cultivating change in our community. I now have more of an arsenal when it comes to editing and creating content with a higher level of comfort in the workplace. Along with knowledge and comfort, I am more confident to speak with the public through Fearless Movement's community about serious issues and growing my podcast."


Internship Program

Development and Fundraising 

"By learning the development of a non-profit organization, my communication, fundraising and innovation skills grew!


This internship gave me a purpose and it was the best feeling to be able to look back at my work in sharing the stories of those impacted and the impact of our donors gift.”