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Fearless Movement's paid internships focuses on empowering college students to overcome fear by furthering their scholastic career and future with hands-on training. We provide one-on-one mentorships in the fields of Social Media, PR and Marketing, Non-profit Fundraising, Organizational Development, Graphic and Video Design. 

We also partner with local colleges such as Rowan College of South Jersey, for the sole purpose of our students receiving college credits in return for their hard work, dedication and growth personally and professionally. Fearless Movement's Internship Program equips our students to gain real-life work experience, skills and build their resume, all while igniting change that lasts within their local community. While helping Fearless Movement make a larger impact and fulfill our mission, our students leave their internship with a new found confidence and skill set to achieve their wildest dreams despite the fear or hardships they may face.

Thank you to our community, the Wawa Foundation and the State of New Jersey for your continued support of our Education Program.

If you have any questions or are interested in the positions listed above, please send your resume to

Current Interns

Meet our Summer 2022 Interns below! 
Victoria Schlager

Graphic Design Associate

My name is Victoria! I’m in my final semester as a student at Rowan College of South Jersey. My major is Computer Graphic Arts, with a concentration in Game & Interactive Design. 


I chose to intern with Fearless Movement because I could see and feel the passion that this organization has for our youth and local community members just by looking at their website and social media. Then, when I talked to the CEO in my interview, it reaffirmed that this organization was one I would enjoy interning for. I’m most excited to be an advocate for Fearless Movement through

my skills as a designer. I know I can create engaging material that will help them

continue to spread their message to new

and old followers of this wonderful organization!

Victoria's Internship Responsibilities: 

  • Social Media Content Design, copywriting and coordination 

  • Video Graphic Content Design and Editing 

  • Website Maintenance, design and development 

Abby Dell'Aglio Photo - Fearless Movement.jpeg
Abby Dell'Aglio

Business & Development Associate

A recent graduate from Stockton University, and a conqueror of my own mental illness, I am determined to advocate and make a difference in the mental health community. I have found that through owning my struggle and sharing it with others I have become more comfortable with myself and am no longer limited by my mind in a way that I once was. I love to write, drive with the windows down, and connect with the people around me. I am so excited to join the Fearless Movement team and be part of an organization I have watched grow and flourish over the years. 

Abby's Internship Responsibilities: 

  • Meets the needs within our community through our free services, programs and treatment options

  • Cultivate partnerships to provide free mental health resources and support to those in need.

  • Assists in the development of Fearless Movement's funding, outreach and events

Kelly Van Fossen - Fearless Movement.heic
Kelly Van Fossen

Social Media & Marketing Advisor 

Kelly Van Fossen is a senior at Rowan University with a major in advertising and a minor in marketing and strategic communications. Kelly is passionate about copywriting and loves to develop creative advertising campaigns. She hopes to further develop her advertising skills in her position at Fearless Movement and cannot wait to learn all about the community and services that make this organization so great.

Kelly's Internship Responsibilities: 

  • Executing marketing strategies of services and events to better serve our mental health and epilepsy community

  • Assisting in leading our social media team

  • Coordinating events and partnerships to help grow our brand and community

Nicole _ Fearless Movement_edited.jpg
Nicole Schmittinger

Arts & Outreach Associate

I am going into my senior year at Rowan University and majoring in Art Education! I plan to become an elementary art teacher when I graduate next year. I love creating my own artwork and teaching children how to express themselves through the visual arts. I am an advocate for mental health and people living with type 1 diabetes. I’ve had type 1 diabetes since I was 4 years old and I’ve never let that stop me. I have become more confident and have helped many young children living with this chronic illness conquer their fears. In high school, I won the first ever Fearless Movement Trailblazer Scholarship and since then I have been grateful for their endless support for me and my journey. I have always admired Fearless Movement and everything they have achieved in the last few years. I’m so excited to join the team and be a part of the movement! 

Nicole's Internship Responsibilities: 

  • Leading Fearless Movement’s art classes, with a focus on mental health and art therapy for both adults and children.

  • Assisting in fundraising and development for Fearless Movement’s free access to the arts and mental health based programs.

  • Coordinates and assists Fearless Movement’s arts and outreach events benefiting our community!

Previous Internship Testimonials
Read about their growth and where they are now! 
onaizahfabrigas_profile (2).jpg
Internship Program

Graphic Design Intern

"My experience interning with Fearless Movement aided in recently receiving a student position at Rowan College of South Jersey, aiding their marketing department with design work. The internship has helped me further understand the process of time-management, adaptability, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and prioritizing. I learned designing for this organization is mainly on how branding works with real-time experience, how to transition between print and video design, and how virtual-type work functions are interacting

with people. I enjoyed storytelling of active change through

Fearless Movement."

Internship Program

PR & Social Media Intern

"Through my internship, I have gained substantial knowledge learning new software and platforms while enjoying cultivating change in our community. I now have more of an arsenal when it comes to editing and creating content with a higher level of comfort in the workplace. Along with knowledge and comfort, I am more confident to speak with the public through Fearless Movement's community about serious issues and growing my podcast."

Internship Program

Development and Fundraising Intern

"By learning the development of a non-profit organization, my communication, fundraising and innovation skills grew!


This internship gave me a purpose and it was the best feeling to be able to look back at my work in sharing the stories of those impacted and the impact of our donors gift.”

Victor for Canva Testimonial Graphic.jpg
Internship Program

Graphic Design Intern

”Interning for Fearless Movement as a graphic design intern has been an amazing experience. It has reassured me in my direction of work and really solidified what I want to be or continue to be. Working under Ashley has impacted and improved my time management as well as challenged me to be more concise with

client needs.

Overall I am very thankful for this beautiful work experience and hope that helped out Fearless Movement the best I possibly could."

Dalton Mason Photo.jpg
Internship Program

Business Administration Intern

”When I first joined Ashley asked me what were the areas I wanted to improve in and what skills did I want to acquire from this internship. This is where I was shocked at how much she listened and assigned me tasks and work that pushed me in those areas and took me out of my comfort zone to improve.

Not only was I able to improve myself but I also felt like I was helping people in a way because of the focus the organization has on supporting the community and its people. I am so appreciative of the opportunity I had to gain experience and grow over this semester as an intern at Fearless Movement."

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