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Awarding scholarships to students who have overcome adversity, fear, and blaze trails in hopes of the word following

Every year, Fearless Movement provides our "Trailblazer" scholarship to a New Jersey High School student who has paved the way for the world to follow, in leadership and perseverance throughout their high school career. Our goal through providing scholarships is to eliminate the fear of financial burdens and circumstances our students did not choose, hindering their scholastic/career ambitions. 


There is no GPA requirement due to circumstances beyond our control that affects an individual's GPA. All students are eligible so every student has an opportunity to excel in their scholastic career.


This year, due to our seniors' experiences of their last year of high school being stripped, we want to give out a total of three scholarships to provide joy in this fearful season, especially with many parents losing employment. With the help and support of our community, we're grateful to announce not one, not two, but three scholarship recipients! 

Congratulations to our recipients 


Meghan Holman

Glassboro High School 

Meghan Holman is our third annual Glassboro High Trailblazer Scholarship Award Recipient!


Meghan battled with mental health conditions throughout her high school career in regards to her identity and a severe eating disorder. Through the support of her family, a recovery group and music — She became a confident, independent and phenomenal young woman who is blazing trails for the world to follow. 

Meghan has already started blazing trails in her local community by giving free music lessons through the Do Re Mi project! She shares with us, “Every day that I went to recovery I listened to music and hyped myself up, telling myself I was strong. When I wasn't strong enough, my family carried me. I opened up to my teachers and friends, and while I lost some relationships, I strengthened the ones that truly mattered. Those albums still sound like the soundtrack to my darkest moments, but I listen and remember all of the love and support I received. I felt truly alone, but only after opening up did I realize how much love was around me and how much love I am able to give.”


EMMA O'Brien

Glassboro high school class of 2020

Emma O'Brien is our second annual Glassboro High Trailblazer Scholarship Recipient! 

On May 28, 2009 Emma was diagnosed with a Stage IV Wilma Tumor that ended up spreading throughout her bloodstream to her lungs. Enjoying an assembly at school, she was taken out suddenly to go to a doctors appointment and from that point forward, everything changed. Ten years later, she stands CANCER FREE and has made the decision to become a nurse due to the impact health care workers have had on her life while battling cancer. She shares, “Nurses are beacons of hope in peoples’ lives and I cannot wait to join by their sides.”

Emma, you’re changing the world through your transparency, passion and light. Despite your pain, you have turned it into purpose. Your life is a testament of blazing trails in hopes of the world following. We’re honored to award you this scholarship, a true leader and trailblazer.



Eastern high school class of 2020

Sydney Spancake is our first, annual South Jersey Trailblazer Scholarship Recipient thanks to SNJ Millennials! Sydney is a leader and inspiration to many.

Freshman year of High School, Sydney had her first seizure. Sydney shared, "I will always remember the day when my life changed so quickly. Everything started like a normal morning on the bus on the way to school, but it changed in the blink of an eye. One moment I was laughing with my friends and the next I was in an ambulance with my tongue sliced basically in half with blood everywhere. That started all the visits to the neurologist and all the EEG's that were done to determine I have JME, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy."

After many medications Sydney was prescribed, her grand mal seizures would not resist. She had about 4-5 more seizures after her first and thought about her choices. She shared, "I could have easily turned to hiding away and living in fear. That was not the option I chose. I chose to instead, get up and see what the world still had to offer. Because fear will hold you back from reaching your full potential." For Sydney, she would not allow fear to affect her love for the arts—theatre and dance! 

Today, Sydney graduated High School and will now pursue her career goal of becoming an EEG Technician to help and comfort children who are undergoing tests to determine if they have epilepsy due to their seizures. She shares that you can turn anything that can be fearful into something beautiful—and now, is dedicating her life to that exact mission! Join us in celebrating her accomplishments and trailblazing work through her advocacy and future career. She is a role model to many, especially our community! 


Zuleyha KumaS

Washington Township High School class of 2020

Zuleyha has overcome much adversity and persevered throughout her high school career by making the choice to rise above her fears when it came to financial barriers. 

Zuleyha’s parents came over to America from Turkey, aiming to give their children every opportunity possible. In hopes of being helpful, she took it upon herself to work after attending an 8-10 hour school days while maintaining a good GPA. Today, Zuleyha is blazing trails as a leader by now majoring in Finance at Drexel University with the goal of becoming a Lawyer to help others. She represents a leader by showing the world, there is nothing you cannot achieve when you give it all you have.

Zuleyha, our judging panel was amazed at your submission. Your character is a testament to the quote, “Leaders are made, they are not born.” Never change who you are—we’re honored to celebrate you.

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